Prevent Plagiarism.

Check the authenticity of your writing with just a few clicks. Our Plagiarism Detection software is able to work with all common file formats.

Detailed reporting

Our analysis report is detailed and presents the findings of our features in an easily readable format. The report highlights the matches in text in the submitted document and lists the most relevant sources to the matched content.

Flexible Use

You can upload any general file, such as word and pdf. In an instant reports of plagiarism will be presented. The look is easy to use, even for beginners.

Efficient and accurate

It delivers accurate analysis reports quickly. Our aim is to save our users time while providing insights into textual matches in a reliable and easy-to-understand fashion. Instead of spending hours manually searching for suspicious content, we provides an efficient similarity check in just a few clicks. Our solution provides matches that are relevant and accurate by using premium quality content for comparisons.

Made with love to be useful

With all the features available, this app will always be easy to use, and greatly helps all types of jobs that require a thorough plagiarism checking system.

The most comprehensive plagiarism.

"We have tried several plagiarism detection tools, iThScan is by far the best, most accurate and worth tool. I strongly advise graduate students, professors and researchers to use it." -Our Customer


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